18 Photos Proving Berlin Has The World's Best Street Art

    It gets no better.

    Graffiti street art might have started in New York, but Berlin has taken it to the next level. There are thousands of pieces all over Berlin streets. Here's a few:

    1. Here's Kreuzberg, by MTO

    2. The Jumper, by Gabriel Heimler

    3. Michael Jackson, by MTO

    4. Scrathing the Surface, by Vhils

    5. Stay Free, by Christopher Frank

    6. Mister Hood, by MTO

    7. Anne Frank, by Jimmy C.

    8. Hendrix, by MTO

    9. Spike Lee, by MTO and SOS Crew.

    10. Doors of perception, by MTO

    11. Scratching the Surface, by Vhils

    12. Brotherly Kiss, by Dmitri Wrubel.

    13. When Angie Was A Punk Girl, by MTO

    14. It Happened In November, by Kani Alavi

    15. Do The Right Thing, by MTO

    16. Welcome, by Oliver Meline

    17. Mick Jagger, by MTO

    18. Pink Lady, by El Bocho