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  • 8 Rappers Who Should Write For Chipotle

    Yesterday it was announced that Chipotle, the immensely popular Mexican food chain, would be releasing cups containing short essays from contemporary literary greats like George Saunders, Toni Morrison, Michael Lewis and Jonathan Safran Foer. What an interesting blend of art and commerce! The idea came to Foer while he was eating a burrito at Chipotle and failed to bring along something to distract himself, like a book or his phone. “I really just wanted to die with frustration,” Foer explained to Vanity Fair. I find it a little bit strange that a writer seems frustrated by the idea of sitting alone with his thoughts while eating his burrito… but OK, this actually sounds like a good idea. But I couldn’t help but notice that no rappers were included. This sounds like a huge mistake and a missed opportunity by Chipotle. Imagine the creative ways your favorite rapper could rhyme about your Mexican cuisine…

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