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    19 Things Only People With Celiac Disease Will Understand

    Those fad dieters though...

    1. Seeing "Gluten Free but not safe for Celiacs."

    2. Friends offering you foods with gluten.

    3. Feeling excited when your favorite restaurant now has a gluten free menu...

    4. ...but even though your waiter acted like they knew all about cross-contamination...

    5. end up getting gluten-ed.

    6. Becoming a really amazing chef.

    7. Finding that perfect gluten free recipe or product.

    8. Having to be that person who refuses to share.

    9. Paying tons of money for tiny pieces of bread with giant holes in them.

    10. Having to explain exactly why you can't eat gluten.

    11. Hearing all the "miraculous" stories of the fad dieters who lost weight on the gluten free diet.

    12. Knowing more about your gut than you ever thought you would.

    13. And yet people feel the need to tell you that Celiac isn't real.

    14. Dealing with roommates and family members that just don't get it.

    15. The achy, hungry pain in your stomach when you forgot to pack your gluten free lunch

    16. Hating everything when a food commercial comes on.

    17. But then remembering all the naturally gluten free foods that are a million times healthier.

    18. "I would die before I gave up (insert gluten item here). You're so strong!"

    19. Despite everything, finding an amazing and supportive Celiac community.