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This Is What An Unhappy Lion Looks Like

A really unhappy lion and lioness.

Anthony Tao • 6 years ago

This Is The Cutest Llama Wearing Sunglasses You Will Ever See

Found in China, this llama is also apparently a big fan of star hurdler Liu Xiang.

Anthony Tao • 7 years ago

This Chinese Woman's Shirt Is... Interesting

Possibly offensive if you are black, French, gay, Italian, British, lesbian, white, or Irish.

Anthony Tao • 7 years ago

Chinese Man Performs Perfect Rendition Of Justin Bieber's "Baby"

Justin Bieber is known around China, but he inspires nothing close to the amount of love and hate he does back home. But don't let that hinder your enjoyment of this. It's a man atop a cow singing "Baby."

Anthony Tao • 7 years ago

Foreigner in Beijing beaten up for alleged sexual assault

A British national in Beijing is filmed allegedly sexually assaulting a girl on the street. Passersby react violently, and this is what ensues.

Anthony Tao • 7 years ago