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What Are Your Favorite Cheap And Healthy School Lunch Hacks?

We want to know all your tips, tricks, and hacks for making your kids' healthy school lunches.

For parents, it can be challenging to pack healthy and appetizing school lunches that are also cheap...every. single. day.

But it's not impossible. Maybe you actually know of some tips, tricks, or hacks for cheap and healthy lunches that get your kids excited whenever they go to school.

You might have started skipping the prepackaged snacks in favor of your own healthier ones.

Or maybe you started packing leftovers because, well, dinner was healthy AF and you're saving money that way.

Perhaps your kid(s) only eats healthy when the food is cut into fun shapes, like animals or flowers, so you use a cookie cutter to get the job done.

Or maybe you've experimented with skewers, which not only had an array of different healthy foods on them, but were also more fun to eat.

So tell us about your healthy school lunch hacks, tricks, and tips.

Fill us in using the dropbox below, and feel free to send us photos of your genius if you so wish.

Your submissions could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Health post.