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    The 10 Scariest Moments From Jordan Peele's "Nope"

    This movie is a horror miracle, and not the bad kind.

    Jordan Peele's latest cinematic nightmare has finally premiered in theaters, and it has succeeded in frightening and bewildering audiences everywhere.

    10. Otis Dies

    Otis about to fall off a horse in "Nope"

    9. Aliens in the Stable

    OJ walking away from an approaching alien in "Nope"

    8. Antlers Sings

    Antlers drinking a glass of water in "Nope"

    7. Repainting the House

    The Haywood house being rained on with blood in "Nope"

    6. Waiting in the Truck

    OJ looking up at the UFO from his truck in "Nope"

    5. The Morning After

    OJ walking through the foggy and gray Haywood Ranch in "Nope"

    4. The Top of the Mountain

    Antlers screaming in a whirlwind in "Nope"

    3. Head in the Clouds

    Em standing outside at night in "Nope"

    2. Gordy Attacks

    A young Jupe about to fist bump Gordy in "Nope"

    1. The Star Lasso Experience

    Jupe looking up at the sky in "Nope"

    Do you agree with this list? Are there any other scary Nope moments that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.