These Are The 8 Best Catwoman Moments In "The Batman"

    This cat proved she has claws.

    Audiences are going nuts over Zoe Kravitz's performance as Catwoman in The Batman.

    Catwoman fighting Batman in "The Batman"/Selina holding a drink in her apartment in "The Batman"

    8. The Bat Meets The Cat

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    We first see Selina as the Catwoman when she breaks into Mayor Mitchell's home to retrieve her roommate, Annika's passport. But when Batman appears behind her, she gets into a fight with him and is quickly overpowered. It's a rocky second meeting, but when Batman holds her as they hide from security, we can see the romantic connection between them begin to develop.

    7. The Club Within The Club

    Selina wearing a red wig in the Iceberg Lounge in "The Batman"

    6. Selina Reveals the Truth

    Selina staring up at Batman in "The Batman"

    5. Their First Kiss

    Selina staring up at Batman with the sun behind her in "The Batman"

    4. Selina Captures Kenzie

    Catwoman on the rooftop of the Gotham Police Station with Kenzie behind her in "The Batman"

    3. Selina Faces Falcone

    Selina loading a gun in "The Batman"

    2. The Cat Saves The Bat

    image of selina kyle looking over in shock

    1. Selina Says Goodbye

    batman and selina kyle

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