The 11 Wildest Moments From Robert Eggers' "The Northman"

    This film conquered theaters.

    The Northman, the latest film from director Robert Eggers (The Witch, The Lighthouse), has wowed audiences everywhere with its unrelenting and ultra-violent tale of Viking vengeance.

    Amleth standing in front of a house in "The Northman"

    11. Dogs Down Below

    A young Amleth and Aurvandill on all fours in "The Northman"

    10. The Tree of Kings

    Heimir standing in the light of a fire in "The Northman"

    9. The Séance

    Heimir's skull in "The Northman"

    8. The Seeress

    The Seeress in "The Northman"

    7. Playing Hardball

    Amleth as he's headbutting someone in "The Northman"

    6. Berserker Fire

    Amleth howling in his berserker clothes in "The Northman"

    5. The Skeleton Knight

    An undead knight in "The Northman"

    4. Gudrún Reveals the Truth

    Gudrún in her house in "The Northman"

    3. The Valkyrie

    A Valkyrie screaming in "The Northman"

    2. Berserker Attack

    Amleth walking through a village during an invasion in "The Northman"

    1. The Gates of Hel

    Amleth standing at the base of a volcano in "The Northman"