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    10 Moments From Season 2 Of "Space Force" That Made Me Fall In Love With The Show

    The Force was strong with this one.

    The second season of Netflix's workplace sitcom, Space Force, has finally arrived.

    Naird screaming on a hospital bed in "Space Force"/Mallory with his hands over his mouth in "Space Force"

    10. Tony's Phone Withdrawal

    Tony talking in "Space Force"

    9. Alien Autopsy

    Mallory and co. walking down a dark hallway in "Space Force"

    8. Mallory Gets Mad

    Mallory with his hands over his mouth in "Space Force"

    7. The End?

    Naird and co. staring up at the computer screen in "Space Force"

    6. Divorce Announcment

    Naird crying in his office in "Space Force"

    5. Office Pranks

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    Netflix / Via YouTube

    When Space Force is tasked with making a pointless PowerPoint presentation, most of the workers goof off by pulling pranks on each other. The cast pulls off some classic tricks like the fake spider in the bathroom and the exploding soda bottle. But the funniest has to come from Mallory's prank in the beginning. This showed Space Force displaying their prowess as a workplace comedy with these office antics, making it more like the show it was meant to be.

    4. Food Porn

    Captain Lancaster talking to Erin in "Space Force"

    3. VR Meeting

    Chad and Mallory wearing VR gear, with the latter crouching over a waste basket in "Space Force"

    2. Kidney Stone Surgery

    Naird screaming on a hospital bed in "Space Force"

    1. Naird Gets Drunk

    Erin and Brad guiding a drunken Mark in "Space Force"

    Do you agree with this list? Were there any other funny Space Force moments that I missed? Please let me know in the comments section below.