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    • anthonyn10

      1. Good gracious, as an intern you won’t be able to live in the coolest, most expensive part of the city! heavens to betsy!
      2. Oh no, sometimes the amazing mass transit system will have delays!
      3. Yes, you will have to wear ID to enter secure locations.
      4. yes, internships involve grunt work
      5. oh my god you will have to dress professionally
      6. yes, internships in congress or non-profits are unpaid
      7. yes, interns will have to do the menial tasks. that is what they are for.
      8. No. this will never happen.
      9. probably not
      10. eh, maybe
      11. there’s lots of you, and you leave after 3 months
      12. I have never seen an intern doing this, ever
      13. Anyone who blamed anything on an intern would lose all respect from his colleagues forever
      14. There is no such thing as “deputy ambassador”. it is called a “deputy chief of mission.”Also, any DC embassy staff can speak in english, ESPECIALLY Malaysians, who were a goddamn british colony and remain part of the commonwealth.
      15. Yeah, take care of my fucking pet. I DO do many things.
      16. Yes, you will have to not act like a dick in a photo with famous people.
      17. Sweet.
      18. Yes, you will have co-workers.
      19. Yes, some people will have better jobs than you.
      20. Yeah, but this is awesome though. I used to compete with other interns to see who could get a greater percentage of their weekly meals from free briefings, etc. You learn which think tanks are loose with their invite list. (the German Marshall Fund does not give a FUCK who comes to their free lunches)
      21. Ok
      22. I have never been anywhere in this city with $7 happy hour beer. I work on K street and I would have no trouble finding 8 or 9 places with $2 happy hour beer, $3 well drinks, etc.
      23. Such is life.
      24. Yes, you should do work.
      25. Maybe you could pay some fucking attention and learn something? Asshole.
      26. eh
      27. if they are making 6 figures, pay some attention to them.
      28. Yeah, you are an intern.
      29. Nice sunglasses.

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