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    14 Iconic Tik Toks That Slap Harder Than Vine

    Tik Tok is life.

    1. Opening with the queen of Kombucha being relatable for 8 seconds straight:

    Can we all please appreciate this tik tok in its entirety. This girl is really going through the stages of grief while trying kombucha.

    2. This guy being the sole reason Nicki Minaj retired:

    View this video on YouTube / Via

    3. What goes around literally comes around:

    @Dailymemesplug / Via

    4. Ariana Grande could never:

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    5. Bill Gates could literally own the NFL and still buy 999 Teslas:

    Just replace the government with Tik Tok teens

    @nikkimcr / Via

    6. These Tik Tok teens are wise beyond their years:

    There is some great social commentary coming from the Tik Tok teens:

    7. Well, Halloween is right around the corner...

    tik tok is literally just new vine

    @avanatalle / Via

    8. Harvard sliding into this guy's DMs:

    @tiktok_us / Via

    9. The struggles of being gay:

    TikTok is the new vine and I’m loving it

    @connor_starkh / Via

    10. When your BF broke up with you but Mariah is life:

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    11. Well did she lie?

    12. The FBI wants to know your location:

    this TikTok got me thinkin too hard this morning #Area51

    13. This Grandma making her big debut for Toy Story 5:

    Pixar on a budget #truth @Hardywolf359 @fetavie @TheWorldOfFunny @fun4laugh @cctv_idiots @FUNNlESTVINES @TheLaughFactory @tiktok_us

    14. And finally, this girl ending it for you hoes:

    @tiktok_memes / Via