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    12 Things You Definitely Shouldn't Buy Cheap

    Everyone loves a good bargain, and as tempting as it is to scrimp and save on the bare essentials, there are some things that you will inevitably regret (if you're cheap) not going the extra mile for.

    1. Toilet Roll


    If you've ever bought 1 ply sandpaper you'll know the sheer horror that is, using paper thin enough to tear mid wipe.

    2. Tattoos


    Anyone who feels comfortable enough with their friend's dads' cousin, who will do mates rates on a "proper" tattoo is not someone you want to trust so lightly.

    3. Condoms


    Seriously you can get this for free, nothing worse than the thought of a cheap condom splitting cos you couldn't splurge on Durex

    4. Meat


    We all remember the horse meat scandal. If that wasn't enough to put you off I'm not sure what is!

    5. Haircut


    DIY haircuts reveal A LOT about a person, or slightly worse a cheap cut from the trainee.

    6. Alcohol


    Alcohol is alcohol right? Depends what hugging the toilet bowl the morning after sounds like.

    7. Ketchup


    Heinz or nothing. End of.

    8. Sex toys

    Via Twitter: @bryanroberts72

    Of all the things pound shops sell, the vast majority of people were surprised that a dildo was an available option to purchase...equally surprised were the cashiers that served the shameless customers, who plucked up the courage to buy one.

    9. Perfume/Aftershave


    10/10 who smelt the bargain perfume also gagged

    10. Shoes


    Buy a cheap pair of shoes and you'll spend more time trying to replace them.

    11. Toothpaste


    Not a brand snob, but does anyone actually trust supermarkets own toothpaste? On that note, don't trust anyone that is so reckless with their teeth hygiene.

    12. Makeup


    Using cheap makeup may increase the risk of resembling an unemployed clown