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    • anthonyb30

      i think this article is right on the money, people are tired of news that is slanted to fit the politics ofacable news choice..They want real news, real facts and reporting that gives an in-depth look at the what’s the real story. If anyone has followed any of the tv news outlets, you would know that all of the major networks are now part of the entertainment department of those networks.Meaning ABC, NBC and CBS news are now part of their entertainment departments and know longer news departments.Isaid long ago that havinga24-hour news channel would beagood thing unless we becomeanews cycle based on political opinion and half-truths rather than factual honest news. The cable news television market has made things worse than ever before..I welcome more in depth news from online sources like the Huffington Post and Youtube Channel, at least they will get the story right..Ican’t wait to see Fox News, MSNBC and CNN go away…Right nowIhave more in the Weather Channel and the Food Network thanIdo in cable news

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