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Things About Pokemon You Never Noticed As A Kid

... or maybe you did notice. Regardless, here are some funny Pokemon comics sure to give you a giggle.

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  • Profesor Oak can't remember his own grandsons name... isn't that pathetic?

  • How do the Pokemon fit into the balls?

    You probably thought about this one, but how on earth are all of those monsters supposed to fit into apple-sized balls?

  • You're catching Pokemon, becoming best friends, and throwing them out to fight time and time again.

    You probably thought about this one, too.

  • No matter which Pokemon you surf on, it always shows you as on "Lapras."

    You could be surfing on a fucking Magikarp and it would still look like a Lapras.

  • When your Pokemon evolves into a bigger Pokemon... what happens if it's too big?

    I think this comic illustrates what would probably happen.

  • Zubats. EVERYWHERE.

    If you've played the game boy game once, or played every game after that - you know. The second you step into a cave, it's Zubats. Zubats everywhere. They flock to you, you can't take 5 steps without running into one. It's horrible.


  • You'll never know! But here are two terrifying options.

  • Most Pokemon moves can mean more than one thing. Examples:

  • How are you supposed to do Pokemon battles on water?

  • Professor Oak asks for your gender... can't he tell by looking at you?

  • Why can't badass Pokemon like Scyther use fly, yet tiny birds can?

  • How do you fit everything into your bag?

  • How can a tiny turtle kill a huge rock monster?

  • How do Pokemon "hurt themselves in confusion"?

  • How do trainers communicate with their Pokemon?

    In the show, they always seem to know what's going on.