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Pets With Twitter

Making a twitter for your beloved pet has been becoming increasingly popular over the past year or two! Cats, dogs... turtles. Tons and tons of animals have stepped onto the micro-blogging scene and they all appear to be tweeting up a storm! Here are some nice pets that you should check out/ follow!

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  • 1. Pua the Tamandua

    Her anteater images have been all over the internet, yet no one knows who she is! I think Pua deserves some credit! She doesn't have many followers and she's a wonderful little anteater. Maybe I just think that because they're my favorite animal, but whatever! She also runs an awesome blog about what it's like living with anteaters! Blog is here. Follow Pua here.

  • 2. Medlar the Turtle

    A BuzzFeed favorite! You can trust Medlar to provide you with turtle information/ links/ stories from all across the web! You can find him here.

  • 3. Basil the Parrot

    Basil is a parrot who doesn't really like being locked in a cage. Follow here.

  • 4. Karma Ferret

    Karma Ferret is a very lucky rescued ferret. Follow them here.

  • 5. Stains the Cupcake Dog

    You may remember Stains from this video. He's well known for his hypnotic stare and pathetic longing for cupcakes. Unfortunately, he doesn't appear to be very active on his twitter. Follow him here.

  • 6. Cabal

    Cabal is the wonderful dog who belongs to the writer Neil Gaiman. He hasn't posted much yet, but I'm hoping that he becomes more active because he's a beautiful dog (and Neil has a knack for great characters!) Apparently Cabal has been having some health issues as of late - everyone should wish him the best! Follow Cabal here!

  • 7. Lady Doodle

    Lady Doodle is a doggie from Atlanta. She seems very well mannered and likes interacting with other dogs. Follow her here.

  • 8. Jazzy the Wiener Dog

    Jazzy is a wonderful, daschingly beautiful weiner dog. Follow her here.

  • 9.

    Ralf was a hamster with quite a few followers! Sadly, he passed away last year :( His Twitter.

  • 10.

    Buddy is probably one of the prettiest pugs I've ever seen. Follow Buddy here.

  • 11. Caplin Rous

    Caplin Rous is a Capybara living in Texas! Follow them here.

  • 12. Dusty

    Dusty is a wonderful rescued Sheltie, who has starred in a novel! Follow Dusty here.

  • 13. Winston

    We've seen Winston trying to meow and guarding his bananas. If you weren't in love with him already from that, he now has a twitter to follow! He's very well mannered, talks to the general public and posts adorable photos! Follow him here.

  • 14. Lola the Eco Dog

    Lola runs a wonderful website about dogs and animals with a great doggy advice column. Follow Lola here.

  • 15. Aflac Duck

    Aflac Duck is the mascot/ talented duck actor for Aflac. He's a pretty funny duck, and does some damn good acting I have to admit. Follow here.

  • 16.

    Stanley Pinkerton is a Basset Hound. Follow him here.

  • 17. R0meo the Cat

    Romeo is a cat who is helping raise money for rescued animals. Follow him here.

  • 18. Fluffy the Cat

    He says Meow. A lot. Follow him here.

  • 19. Sockington

    No one even comes close. Sockington is a cat owned by a wonderful man named Jason Scott. When Sockington had 50,000 followers people were saying it was ridiculous. Now that he has just climbed over 1.5 million, people are no longer confused over the matter, they're just in awe. You can always expect a smile from this well taken care of twitter feed, and Sockington seems to be a pretty nice cat! Follow him here!

  • 20. My dog - Indigo

    Well, with all of these pet twitters lying around, I thought I'd give it a try. This is my insane dog Indigo, you can follow her here! Were you featured in this list? Unhappy with how you were featured/ question/ comments/ did I use a picture I wasn't supposed to? You can contact me at Also, please note that I couldn't include every single pet! Sorry :)