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Five Awesome Ways To Get Around The City

...And perhaps attract a little bit of attention. Tired of walking around your city with a dull and lifeless stride? I've put together a quick list of functional yet fun ways to get from point A to B. Well, maybe not completely functional.

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  • 1. Push Scooter

    You will be the center of the universe with one of these. Nothing says cool like a Push Scooter you bought with moms credit card. Sure, we all had them ten or fifteen years ago, but back then they weren’t this cool. Customize that bad boy with some rims, some paint, a horn and man… they just can’t miss you.

  • 2. Walking Sleeping Bag

    Does your city get a little cold in the winter? Not to fear, you’re just a step away from strolling around in your very own walking sleeping bag. Who would ridicule something so functional? Also useful for freaking the life out of relatives during dark nights and camping trips. Customize with roller skates to be completely awesome.

  • 3. Happy Bus!

    Disclaimer: May not be an option in your city. Look at how happy it is, it’s practically smiling at you! You would be absolutely insane to turn down a ride on one of these guys. Who even cares where it’s taking you – it’s so happy that your destination doesn’t matter!

  • 4. Wheely Bug

    Wait a minute, back up… the Wheely Bug? That’s right. No more scooting around on a regular piece of wood with wheels, nowadays kids of all ages are decked out with the latest Wheely Bug. Lady bug, bee, mouse, cow, tiger – it’s all here. Attach a motor to one of these and every head in town will turn to look at you. (Not necessarily in a good way.) Lady Bug indeed.


    Unsure how this came up or why, but this is possibly the best idea ever. Who is going to mess with you when you’re riding a bear? Sure, it’s not completely legal (in fact, not at all legal), but honestly, who cares? If you can do it, then why not? Nothing more to say.