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5 Lame Scary Stories You Probably Told At Summer Camp When You Were Ten

When you're ten years old, being told about a man with a hook hand is pretty terrifying. Nowadays all those stories are pretty lame, but who can forget how horrifying it was going to sleep in a tent after being told about a cannibalistic monster that lives in the woods?Links to stories at bottom. Feel free to share your own childhood scary stories!

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  • 1. THE HOOK

    The Hook is pretty basic - two kids go to lovers lane to watch a movie, make out a bit, then they hear a news broadcast. It tells them that there's a killer on the loose with a hook for a hand, the girl gets scared, the car shakes a bit and they go home to find a hook hanging from the mirror of the car. Variations include The Hook scraping on the window of a house, The Hook killing the teenagers, and much more. This story has evolved hugely over the ages, and is no doubt still being told by the children of today.


    Another pretty basic story. Two teenagers are driving, and the car gets stuck. 'Ned' or whoever the guy is gets out to check the back tires and gets hacked to pieces. The girl then gets killed too. There are also tons of variations of this story.


    Probably my favorite, I've heard it time and time again. A girl named Jane always wears a ribbon around her neck, and never takes it off. A boy always bothers her to take it off, she always says no, and one day either he pulls it off/ she takes it off to show him. Her head falls off. That's it.


    I seem to remember this one from daycare. Although the whole story was never really told, all the kids would say is go into a bathroom, say Bloody Mary 3 times in the mirror, flick the lights, spin in circles or whatever, and Bloody Mary will appear. I remember being too terrified to do it.


    Maybe this didn't hit the campfires where you lived, but where I grew up stories about 'The Windigo' freaked me out to no end. A Windigo is a vaguely described canablistic monster assumed to be tall, hairy, with big teeth and glowing eyes. Honestly, when you're 8 years old your imagination really flies with those guidelines.