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    • anonymousme

      I notice that whenever a man mentions he’s been on the receiving end of sexism, he gets responses from feminists saying, “Cry me a river. Men don’t have to put up with anywhere NEAR as much as women do, so shut up!” Essentially, they’re saying, “It’s okay if someone treats YOU badly, because *I* have it worse than you!” But comparing hardships is pointless, because there’s ALWAYS someone who has it worse, no matter what your complaint is. If I lose my leg in an accident, am I not allowed to be upset about it, because there’s some other guy (somewhere) who lost both legs instead of one? If I’m living on the street and haven’t had anything to eat for a week, am I supposed to keep silent and be okay with it because there are African children who haven’t eaten in two weeks? By their own logic, the feminists posting on this thread shouldn’t be allowed to complain…because there are women in Third World countries who are poor and who face worse discrimination than anything middle-class white women have to deal with! The bottom line is: bad stuff is still bad, regardless of where it falls on the spectrum relative to other bad things. One-upping somebody’s complaint with another complaint of your own doesn’t make the original complaint invalid and doesn’t magically transform the offense into something that’s “okay.” Why does everything have to be a competition to see who has it worse? Why can’t we just acknowledge that wrong is wrong and focus on righting the wrongs against BOTH sexes? Discrimination and mistreatment of others is not a “male” issue or a “female” issue. It’s a human issue, and every group has been the victim of discrimination in some way. Even if comparing women’s troubles to men’s troubles weren’t counterproductive, it’s still pointless. Because all human experiences are subjective, and there’s no way to really “win” a competition like this one. We’re assuming that whoever gets the bigger score is the winner…but how do you assign a number to someone’s bad experience? If a construction worker whistles at a girl on the street, is that a 4 or an 8 on the badness scale of 1 to 10? Or is it some other number? What about if a man is treated as though he’s a less capable parent simply because he’s a man? What number would you assign to that experience? It’s impossible to compare the two! They’re apples to oranges.  And to the women who are saying that men have never experienced the world from a woman’s perspective and have never had to deal with women’s problems, I agree with you. But I would also humbly submit that you’ve never experienced the world from a man’s perspective and have never had to deal with men’s problems. Lots of men are blind to the struggles you face, but isn’t it also possible that you could be equally blind to some things that they face? (For instance, women more often have to worry about missing out on romantic prospects if they don’t meet a certain weight or beauty standard. But women usually don’t have to worry about being rejected if they’re unemployed or don’t make enough money. This worry is a reality for plenty of men.) Let’s not focus on just one gender and write off the other one, or shame someone for talking about their problems. Let’s try to improve things for humanity in general.

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