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    The 27 Most Profound Things Ever Said On "Skins"

    Life lessons from Bristol's most melodramatic teens.

    1. They're a joyful bunch.

    2. Their compliments can best be described as double-edged.

    3. They most definitely know what love feels like.

    4. They know how to win an argument

    5. They have high standards.

    6. Though maybe not in all cases...

    7. They're an emotional lot.

    8. They're true BFFs.

    9. They tell it how it is.

    10. But often feel confused.

    11. They're not exactly optimists.

    12. They're problem solvers

    13. And are great at getting their points across.

    14. Their insights are just so deep.

    15. They can at least sometimes be self-assured.

    16. And life choices come easy to them.

    17. Romance is paramount.

    18. Although their advice should sometimes be taken with care.

    19. They like the word hurts... a lot.

    20. They don't ask for much.

    21. They often have quirky tastes.

    22. And they love making profound statements.

    23. They'll most definitely change their minds.

    24. But for now it's the simple things in life...

    25. They bond over pretty much anything

    26. And often let their imaginations run wild.

    27. Just like every teenager on the planet, then.