These Guinea Pig Look-Alikes Are Related To Elephants And They Are Adorable

If you need any reason to smile today, look no further than these baby rock hyraxes.

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Meet one of the newest members of the Chester Zoo — a baby rock hyrax!

Chester Zoo

Four baby rock hyraxes were born on July 20 and have graced the world with their cute selves.

Rock hyraxes live on rocky terrains and can be found in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula.

Chester Zoo

Here's one baby hyrax hanging out with their parent while it's still cool to do so.

And despite their small size, rock hyraxes are the closest living relative to elephants.

Chester Zoo

“Rock hyraxes and elephants have similar toes, teeth and skull structures and rock hyraxes also have two large continually growing incisors, which correspond to an elephant’s tusks," said Tim Rowlands, the curator of mammals at the Chester Zoo.