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22 Undeniable Struggles All Band Geeks Know To Be True

Please pass the cork grease.

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2. Double tongue is not a dirty word but does require a lot of effort to do.

And no one will ever forget "blow harder."


5. Whenever you hear a score being played in a movie, you try and identify which instrument is playing.

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It's annoying but whenever you catch the timpani, it is the most gratifying feeling ever.

7. Waking up early is no biggie since you're used to crack-of-dawn call times.

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Work starts at eight a.m.? No biggie, since you used to get up at five-thirty every morning.

8. You still remember the countless times you cut your tongue on a reed.


Not only did reeds break so easily and you had to buy new ones constantly, you also had to soak them in spit in order to use them comfortably.


9. You secretly have Pandora stations or Spotify playlists full of scores and classic composers.


People see you working hard and think your bumpin' Katy Perry, but you're really listening to Chopin.

10. You're not grossed out by people spitting in public because you remember when you used to empty out your spit valve.

It really makes you wonder how much spit must be across all carpeted floors of band rooms.

11. You immediately judge percussionists because they never kept rhythm and failed to keep their sound quiet.

While they were usually the most attractive person in the band, it still doesn't change all the times you've had to say "softer!"

12. There's no drama like band drama.

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Shit went down when a trumpet player broke up with a clarinet player. Not only were they in pain, but so were your ears.


14. You have fond memories of playing the recorder.

Everyone has to start somewhere.

16. You know that playing a fun classic song will ease the pain on enemy turf during a game.

Playing the Star Wars tune brings people together like no other.

18. You've mastered the ability to ride a bus for hours without ever getting car sick.

Ditto on also being able to change on a moving bus and entertaining yourself for hours on end.


20. Your poker face game is the best because of all the times you used to lie about practicing.

No one can tell a better lie than you.

21. And if you played the sousaphone, tuba, or any other heavy instrument, you hurt in places you never knew existed.

AP Photo/Mark Duncan

You and your chiropractor became such good friends, since you were there weekly.

22. But despite the wake up calls and all the practicing, you're forever a band geek and proud to be one.

March to the beat of your own drum!

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