21 Situations All Clumsy People Try To Avoid

    "Try" being the operative word here.

    1. Eating anything really messy.

    2. Going out and drinking anything that stains easily.

    3. Any toga-themed party that requires you (and those around you) to wear white.

    4. Attempting to take a shower without hurting yourself.

    5. Trying to be an adult and do household chores.

    6. Driving to work.

    7. Taking public transportation and hoping you won't fall into a stranger's arms.

    8. Going to the gym and hoping you don't lose your grip on the elliptical...again.

    9. Trying out a new makeup routine that has the potential to become messy.

    10. Joining an arts and crafts hobby group, or really, any hobby group.

    11. Walking on any and all slippery surfaces.

    12. Going camping or participating in any outdoor activity where the ground is constantly uneven.

    13. Walking into public places where you need to be extra careful of what or who you bump into.

    14. Going to a club because heels are your worst enemies.

    15. Anything that requires you to cut stuff because even with child safety scissors, you'll hurt yourself.

    16. Holding a baby or any small child.

    17. Hanging out at coffee shops and cafés where you will see a cute person and spill something.

    18. Going to work and trying to keep yourself from falling in front of your boss.

    19. Drinking anywhere where drinks aren't served in plastic cups.

    20. Putting together any type of furniture.

    21. Making sure to never lean near a doorway because your hair will get caught and it'll hurt.

    But it's all fine, because even the clumsy can still be flawless!