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    33 Father-Daughter Wedding Dance Moments That Will Melt Your Heart

    Grab the tissues and let's get emotional.

    1. This father who's just realized his little girl is all grown up.

    Mark Sebastian / Flickr: markjsebastian / Creative Commons

    2. Looking happily at her father.

    Nigel / Flickr: lordtrilink / Creative Commons

    3. This elated pair.

    http://_e.t / Flickr: 45688285@N00 / Creative Commons

    4. Sharing glances that only a daughter and father would understand.

    SIDwilliams / Flickr: sid-williams / Creative Commons

    5. This father still teaching his daughter dance moves.

    Carolyn Davis / Flickr: carolynhack / Creative Commons
    Carolyn Davis / Flickr: carolynhack / Creative Commons

    6. Loving their special time to laugh with each other.

    Bart / Flickr: cayusa Creative Commons

    7. A dad who's beaming with love for his daughter.

    Brian Wolfe / Flickr: mightyboybrian / Creative Commons

    8. Never tired of her father's dance moves.

    Brian Wolfe / Flickr: mightyboybrian / Creative Commons

    9. A gentle dance move between this pair.

    Jason Petersen / Flickr: jasonandrebecca / Creative Commons

    10. Clinging to one more moment of being "daddy's little girl."

    Barry Lenard / Flickr: babybare11 / Creative Commons

    11. Remembering how much her father has helped support her.

    12. A father gazing lovingly at his grown-up daughter.

    John Mayer / Flickr: johnmichaelmayer / Creative Commons

    13. These two who are dancing like nobody's watching.

    14. Embracing a close dance together.

    15. Smiling their hearts out.

    Nick Mote / Flickr: mote / Creative Commons

    16. Laughing and appreciating the dance while it lasts.

    17. Wondering where all the time went.

    18. Holding onto their memories together.

    Nan Palmero / Flickr: nanpalmero / Creative Commons

    19. This father who's got his sunshine on a cloudy day, thanks to his daughter.

    20. Enjoying a quiet dance with each other.

    Steven Leggett / Flickr: legdog / Creative Commons

    21. Absolutely overjoyed to be dancing with her father.

    Lou / Flickr: lou / Creative Commons

    22. Wiping away her father's tear.

    Cherry Bream / Flickr: cherrybream / Creative Commons

    23. This dad, whose bad jokes can always bring a smile to his daughter's face.

    24. A tender slow dance.

    25. Sharing yet another incredible life event together.

    26. Fondly holding onto each other.

    Joyce Patterson / Flickr: 49698525@N03 / Creative Commons

    27. Looking at each other with love.

    28. Joyful to be dancing with each other on such a day.

    Jim Wall / Flickr: jimwall / Creative Commons

    29. Trying their hardest to hold back all their emotions.

    30. Embracing his daughter as a married woman.

    31. This daughter glancing up to her father and remembering everything he's ever done for her.

    Ryan Van Veen / Flickr: ryanandsabina / Creative Commons

    32. Looking back at how fast time has gone.

    Jon / Flickr: thetejon / Creative Commons

    33. This daughter looking at her father knowing that he'll still always be there for her, no matter what.

    Matt Martin / Flickr: hellvet2000 / Creative Commons

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