An Artist Figured Out How To Turn Wi-Fi Signals Into Gorgeous Works Of Art

Wi-Fi creates some pretty gnarly images. H/t The Daily Dot.

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The work, called "Spirit Photographs," is part of a larger project called Digital Ethereal.

Luis Hernan / Digital Ethereal

In capturing what Wi-Fi signals look like, Hernan believes society can see how it can influence the every day presence of technology in our lives. "Wi-Fi seemed the best option in exploring how wireless technologies affect and are affected by physical spaces and by human behavior," said Hernan to BuzzFeed. "For me, it has a more direct relationship to the scale of, for instance, a house where most of daily life occurs."

Hernan, a PhD candiate at England's Newcastle University, captured the hertizan space of Wi-Fi signals on camera.

Luis Hernan / Digital Ethereal

Hertizan space is the "electro-climate" of electronic devices. Electromagnetic signals can be observed and recorded to see how these devices interact with a space.

To photograph these images, Hernan used a Kirlian Device and long exposure rates.

Luis Hernan / Digital Ethereal

The device can "detect nearby Wi-Fi signals then lights up a certain color based on strength of the signal," The Daily Dot reports. Red indicates a stronger signal, whereas blues and greens denote a weaker one.

"Wireless technologies are generally taken for granted, to the point where they are regarded as banal infrastructure," said Hernan.

Luis Hernan / Digital Ethereal

Wi-Fi signals, which can be influenced by a number of variables, are seen here as varying in their strength.

Hernan's work, "The Secret Body of Wireless," was exhibited at the Newcastle University.

Luis Hernan / Digital Ethereal

Along with the Spirit Photographs, visitors were able to see an Android app version of the Kirlian Device and could use Google Glass to access it as well.