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    An Artist Figured Out How To Turn Wi-Fi Signals Into Gorgeous Works Of Art

    Wi-Fi creates some pretty gnarly images. H/t The Daily Dot.

    Artist Luis Hernan has turned Wi-Fi signals into beautiful photographs, each in a different space.

    The work, called "Spirit Photographs," is part of a larger project called Digital Ethereal.

    Hernan, a PhD candiate at England's Newcastle University, captured the hertizan space of Wi-Fi signals on camera.

    To photograph these images, Hernan used a Kirlian Device and long exposure rates.

    "Wireless technologies are generally taken for granted, to the point where they are regarded as banal infrastructure," said Hernan.

    "I believe that in encountering [wireless technologies], we generate narratives which change the way in which we see ourselves," said Hernan.

    Hernan's work, "The Secret Body of Wireless," was exhibited at the Newcastle University.

    So the next time you complain about your Wi-Fi, just remember it looks like this.