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    16 Unbelievable Street Foods In Leeds

    Om nom nom nom.

    1. Dough Boys

    2. Bundobust

    3. Pho

    4. Fat Annie's

    5. Café Moor

    6. Afsaneh Kaviani's Persian Kitchen

    7. Bang Wok

    8. Fish&

    9. Manjit's Kitchen

    10. Patty Smith's

    11. Leeds Juicery

    12. The Pizza Bus

    13. Northern Bloc

    14. Ryan's Kitchen

    15. Noisette Bakehouse

    16. The Ox Club

    Ox Club on the roof. STEAK BABY 🐮🐮🐮

    Touted as the best steak and chips you can get in a box, this is definitely next-level street food.

    There's no dainty, small-plate situation happening here. It's a pretty big meal and all yours for around £10. Probably the most stylish meal you can get that's served in cardboard.

    Ox Club have a limited online presence, but as they're a Belgrave Music Hall enterprise, you can keep an eye on them there.

    Many of the vendors featured in this list are involved in Leeds Indie Food festival with very special events going on all over the city up to 24th May. Find out more at