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    16 Unbelievable Street Foods In Leeds

    Om nom nom nom.

    1. Dough Boys

    Tom Joy

    A tasty slice of Sausage Fest featuring prosciutto, spianiata and Belgrave black pepper sausage, mascarpone, and caramelised onions is highly recommended. There's a treat in store for the Daniel Bedingfield fan in you too: "Ricotta Get Through This", with wild mushrooms, ricotta, soy dressing, and pickled ginger.

    Find Dough Boys at the front of Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen.

    2. Bundobust

    Giles Smith

    It all began with a collaboration between Prashad and The Sparrow Bier Cafe, which came together to offer a unique beer and food pairing. The owners refuse to call it a restaurant: It's a bar that just happens to serve REALLY GOOD Indian street food.

    With great foodie joints like Friends of Ham, The Brewery Tap, and Laynes popping up around the corner over the past few years, the Boar Lane/Mill Hill area of Leeds is really shaping up to be a great place to eat in the city.

    3. Pho

    4. Fat Annie's

    Justin Garner

    Manchester's Fat Annie's has come to Leeds! They visit Belgrave regularly to make sure we get our fix of indulgent dogs such as the Vienna-inspired The Cheese One, which includes pork, beef, bacon, AND cheese INSIDE the dog. Veggies are catered for too!

    5. Café Moor

    6. Afsaneh Kaviani's Persian Kitchen

    Afsaneh Kaviani's Persian Kitchen

    Us Leeds folk are mad for supper clubs right now. One of the most exciting additions to the scene is Masterchef finalist Afsaneh Kaviani, who serves up colourful Persian cuisine at a secret location in north Leeds. When she's not dishing up five-course Persian feasts in her home, she's serving street food at places like Brandon Street Night Market at Canal Mills, so you won't miss out if you can't get on the list for the next supper club.

    7. Bang Wok

    8. Fish&

    Via Facebook: NoFishyBusiness

    Fish doesn't get enough love in the city so Fish& dishes like the Clobster Burger (crab and lobster mixed together in a bap) are a breath of fresh sea air.

    You can find them in Trinity Kitchen, Belgrave, or sometimes on the streets of Leeds in their little van.

    9. Manjit's Kitchen

    Via Facebook: Manjits-Kitchen

    Beautiful, colourful Punjabi vegetarian dishes burst out of Manjit's converted horsebox (the best horsebox you ever did see).

    She pops up all over the place, but you're mostly likely to spot her atop Belgrave Music Hall and Canteen on their mega roof terrace or parked up in Trinity Kitchen.

    10. Patty Smith's

    Giles Smith

    The one aim of Patty Smith's is to make burgers. That's it. They're not messing about; this is serious, single-minded burger production.

    If your whole working life is dedicated only to burgers, then they're gonna be pretty goddamn good burgers. How can I put this? If a Big Mac is Poundland then Patty Smith's The Big Ron is Harvey Nichols.

    11. Leeds Juicery

    Via Facebook: leedsjuicery

    Can juice be a street food? Well, yeah, according to Leeds Juicery. These beautifully packaged little bottles of goodness are a bit special, really. Maybe almond milk with pink Himalayan salt sounds a bit odd, but you wanna try it, don't you? Get involved!

    12. The Pizza Bus

    The Pizza Bus

    You might not have heard of The Pizza Bus but you've probably tried their gorgeous slices of heaven from Leeds' long-time friend Sela Bar.

    You can now get your fix whilst out and about at places like Live at Leeds festival or The Brudenell.

    13. Northern Bloc

    Via Facebook: Northern-Bloc

    Black Treacle, Yorkshire Parkin, Roasted Strawberry ,and Earl Grey & Lemon are some of Northern Bloc's awesome ice cream flavours, which are worth getting brain freeze for.

    The restored 1972 ice cream van tootles around Leeds popping up at Call Lane's The Black Swan, Cafè 164, and events such as Leeds Indie Food Festival's Leeds Feast.

    14. Ryan's Kitchen

    Ryan's Kitchen

    Ryan's Kitchen is a regular feature at outdoor events, partnering with Sneaky Experience, Canal Mills, and Kirkstall Abbey Deli Market. Curries are very popular and the jerk chicken is irresistible!

    15. Noisette Bakehouse

    Via Facebook: noisettebakehouseuk

    Noisette Bakehouse take their bakes al fresco in this gorgeous Citroen HZ-Van. Street cake doesn't get better than Nutter Butter Brownies, Popcorn Cookie Pops, and Morning Cakes (which totally justify eating cake for breakfast).

    Fear not if you haven't spotted the "Madeline Express" van. You can find their sugary treats in Laynes Espresso and Friends of Ham.

    16. The Ox Club

    Ox Club on the roof. STEAK BABY 🐮🐮🐮

    Touted as the best steak and chips you can get in a box, this is definitely next-level street food.

    There's no dainty, small-plate situation happening here. It's a pretty big meal and all yours for around £10. Probably the most stylish meal you can get that's served in cardboard.

    Ox Club have a limited online presence, but as they're a Belgrave Music Hall enterprise, you can keep an eye on them there.

    Many of the vendors featured in this list are involved in Leeds Indie Food festival with very special events going on all over the city up to 24th May. Find out more at

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