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    27 Things All Second Generation Irish People Know

    "Don't even think about leaving this house without a jacket."

    1. You used to own a tin whistle.

    2. You know who Daniel O'Donnell is.

    Flickr: bransonmo / Creative Commons

    And your mum/grannie/auntie thought he was absolutely GORGEOUS.

    3. You been given a souvenir from Lourdes.

    Flickr: chiefmoamba / Creative Commons

    It was probably a plastic statue of Our Lady with "Made in China" written on the back of it.

    4. You did Irish dancing, or were an altar server, when you were a kid.

    5. Someone has lit a candle or had a mass said for you.

    Creative Commons / Flickr: karolfranks

    "I've lit a candle for Mary's car. Please God, it'll pass it's MOT."

    6. You can swear in Gaelic.

    7. And while swearing's fine, you've had it if you blaspheme.

    8. You've had holy water thrown on you before an exam.

    9. The mums in your family wore these earrings.

    Via Facebook: HSamuelTheJeweller

    It's like an unspoken rule that you have to wear small, gold hoop earrings to be a true Irish Mammy. Preferably from Elizabeth Duke.

    10. You've been threatened with this.

    Via Facebook: ThingsOnlyIrishPeopleWillGet

    The wooden spoon never actually saw combat, but the threat of it was enough to scare you witless.

    11. Potato cakes, colcannon, boxty, Irish stew, and bacon, cabbage and mash were always on the menu growing up.


    Call it a cliché, but you can't beat a potato-based, home-cooked dinner. And you can't go wrong with a bit of warm soda bread with butter and jam either.

    12. No matter how old you are, you have to miss-call your mum when you're home safe or she'll freak out.

    13. You've been told to "whisht" when your mum's programme is on.

    14. And you've definitely made a "holy show" of yourself before.


    "Did you see John-Paul making a holy show of himself? His poor mother will be mortified."

    15. You don't tan, you "glow".

    16. Sex education was completely glossed over.

    17. You can't resist a drop of The Good Stuff.

    18. You'd give your left arm for a bar of Carmello, Tiffin or Mint Crisp.

    19. You're not great at taking compliments.

    "Are you sure you like it? Is the chicken a bit dry? Be honest. It is, isn't it? I'll just throw it out and get a takeaway. No, stop it's awful."

    20. This is hung on your wall.

    21. You're not one for sugar-coating the truth.


    "Do you like your haircut? Hmmm. I liked it longer on you to be honest."

    22. You have Irish family in the US and Canada.

    23. Your grandparents had a light up Jesus picture in the house.

    24. You know someone who entered The Rose of Tralee contest.

    25. When you hear "Jesus, Mary & Joseph!" you know you're in trouble.

    26. You've felt the struggle of Lent.

    27. But more than anything, you're really proud of your heritage.

    Correction: In a previous version of this post, the tin whistle was misidentified as a penny whistle.

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