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    The Best Wine Bar In Every State For When You Want To Get Classy Drunk

    Wine time, all the time.

    Question: Is there anything better than getting wine drunk in a cozy bar, and then feasting on delicious snacks?

    1. The Wine Loft, Birmingham, Alabama

    "The place has great ambiance, and is perfect for a chill, laid-back place to relax with friends. Don't worry if you aren't a wine fan, because they have a great selection of craft cocktails and beers, and a fully stocked bar!" — Yelper Jeremy E.

    "Every order of baked brie I've had elsewhere must live up to the baked brie from the Wine Loft. I loved it and recommend it for any locals or travelers alike." — Yelper Breanna B.

    2. Crush Wine Bistro & Cellar, Anchorage, Alaska

    "They do a great job of bringing in delicious affordable wine from around the world. The staff is very knowledgeable about the wines that they include, and do a good job of explaining them." — Yelper Casey S.

    "The food is served tapas style. I highly recommend the composed cheese plates. It's $19 for three or $25 for five, and they also comes with assorted nuts, blueberries, toast points, and a fig compote. Charcuterie's also available for additional cost." — Yelper Erick N.

    3. Cuisine & Wine Bistro, Gilbert, Arizona

    "Everything we had was phenomenal, from champagne to porte to chorizo croquettes to chocolate soufflé to fried brie salad to perfectly grilled ribeye. Ever morsel melted in our mouths!" — Yelper Heather S.

    "Great wine bar with excellent service from an eclectic, international staff. They have live music, and the atmosphere is great even when they don't." — Yelper Jared B.

    4. Stone House, Eureka Springs, Arkansas

    "Not only is their bar cozy and welcoming, their patio is also an amazing spot to relax, soak in the fresh air, and enjoy a delicious bottle of wine and platter of cheese." — Yelper Chanel J.

    "Nice selection of wines...I had a great organic chardonnay. They also have several meat and cheese plates to choose from. If you're the type who would eat bread, cheese and wine for every meal if it wasn't a terrible idea, this is heaven." — Yelper Kimberly W.

    5. Barrel 33, Ventura, California

    "They have a small indoor space as well as a very cozy and romantic patio. The atmosphere is perfect for a date, ladies' night out, or simply for a relaxing after a long day of work." — Yelper Kelly R.

    "I suggest the Castle Rock Sauvignon blanc; it's not too sweet but not too bitter. And the food is so fresh and delicious, too: Brie and fresh fruit, antipasto salad, Russian pasta salad, port, and a to-die-for soufflé." — Yelper Arianne S.

    6. Cana Wine Bar, Denver, Colorado

    "Cana is an old house converted into a wine bar. There are tons of different rooms set up with chairs, tables and couches. It's like going out and drinking wine, but at your own house! Absolutely fabulous." — Yelper L B.

    "It's so nice to have something like this in our neighborhood. And there's a happy hour special that's half-priced glasses on open bottles!" — Yelper Ashley B.

    7. August, New Haven, Connecticut

    "The owners, a couple, are incredibly sweet and helpful. They have a small but well-procured menu of paninis, oysters, cheese, charcuterie, and small plates — along with some very tasty wines and a few beers." — Yelper Brenda D.

    "This place is all about the details. August is tiny — only 12 seats at a dark hardwood bar — but there's an incredibly personal touch to everything there." — Yelper Carissa D.

    8. Pochi, Wilmington, Delaware

    "We came in for an app and glass of wine, but we were so impressed by the tuna and halibut ceviche appetizers that we stayed for dinner and cancelled other reservations." — Yelper Sabrina C.

    "They offer two different red wine flights and two different white flights, and each flight consists of three varieties of wine." — Yelper Denise T.

    9. Lekoke Wines & Bites, Miami, Florida

    "I tried the octopus, and the tabla mixta, which includes: prosciutto, salami, machego wine cheese, regular manchego, parmesan cheese, and olives — awesome plate to start off with! Both are equally delectable plates, and fighting to get the number one spot on my list." — Yelper Nancy G.

    "The wine selection is impressive, and the prices are reasonable. Instead of look at a wine list, you can walk around and choose the wine you want from Spain, Italy, France, Australia, Chile, Argentina and some other countries." — Yelper Al P.

    10. In Vino Veritas, Savannah, Georgia

    "They have wine on tap, making it possible to try some wines without having to buy the whole bottle. There are 24 taps of wine as well as 12 taps of craft beer, with local options on draft as well. Also, they have red and white housemade sangria on tap!" — Yelper Trent S.

    "During their weekday happy hour, they offer half-price bottles of wine — making some as cheap as $20." — Yelper Kirsten M.

    11. The Wine Palette, Lahaina, Hawaii

    "The shrimp cocktail tasted very fresh. We also had the pate, which came with pears, craisins, and chewy crostini on the side. It was buttery, salty and perfect. And finally, the cheese plate ... the parm was the star of the cheese show, but they were all amazing." — Yelper Stephanie C.

    "You can paint there if you want, or just drink some delicious wine with friend and family. They also have other activities, like board games and mini foosball." — Yelper Zack C.

    12. Satay Bistro, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

    "There's a window in the floor that shows off the wine cellar. Make sure to go down the spiral stair case to view the cellar, where there's also an eight-person table you can book in advance." — Yelper Buzz M.

    "Everything was cooked to perfection and presented beautifully. I got the rack of lamb and was completely satisfied with my choice. The fondue, bacon-wrapped appetizer and bread pudding for dessert were also spectacular." — Yelper Hilary D.

    13. Tuscan Market & Wine Shop, Arlington Heights, Illinois

    "You can go and pick a bottle of wine off their wine wall and pay an opening fee of $10 — and it's yours. Gives you a lot more wine options." — Yelper Haylie J.

    "I recommend starting out with either the antipasti plate, one of the cheese/meat boards, or the Tuscan drops, which are pizza dough filled with pesto and brie. The pizzas are outstanding." — Yelper Andrea K.

    14. New Day Craft, Indianapolis, Indiana

    "Right now, you'll find me hopping between Paulding Light (cranberry mead that's so refreshing it deserves to be served for breakfast), hot cider (available in to-go cups), and my new love child: Sap Sucker. Because the only thing better than honey is maple syrup." — Yelper Brittany S.

    15. Brix Cheese Shop & Wine Bar, Iowa City, Iowa

    "The cheese tray options were plentiful, and included five cheese options that ran $3 each for a good-size chunk. The additional cheese tray sundry items included pickles in different brines, pickled onions, hummus, crackers, and number of other options, most of which were from local establishments. A very good tray fed four of us for about $15." — Yelper Matt U.

    16. Wine Dive, Wichita, Kansas

    "We started out our meal with a wonderful thing called Drunken Bread. It was like a savory, boozy, cheesy, bread pudding. The dish consisted of pieces of baguette, gruyere cheese, prosciutto, white wine and parmesan cheese. So, so, sinfully delicious." — Yelper Gabby A.

    "I love their impressive wine selection.They describe the wine so it makes it easier for beginners to choose. They also have a "taste" size option so that you are not stuck with a glass of something you don't like." — Yelper Victoria N.

    17. Louvino, Louisville, Kentucky

    "They have wine flights named after notable Kentucky individuals. I enjoyed the Jennifer Lawrence flight: three two-ounce pours of crisp, sweet, bubbly whites. You can also add a cheese pairing to your wine for $2." — Yelper Kelly P.

    "Great stop for creative comfort food small plates. Definitely get the fried chicken tacos, duck fat frites, and warm brussel sprouts!" — Yelper Deanne D.

    18. Bacchanal Wine, New Orleans, Louisiana

    "You walk in through a little corner door, and see what looks like an old, slightly run-down corner store — but with loads and loads of delicious wines. You pick the wines and cheese you want, and then you head outside to drink said wine, and wait for your cheese plate creation to be delivered." — Yelper Tiffany N.

    "Go with a couple bottles so you won't have to make as many trips up to the front. The party's in the's lit mostly by strings of Christmas lights, and there are mismatched tables with a hodgepodge of chairs. if you don't have a backyard, this is it." — Yelper Morgan F.

    19. In Good Company, Rockland, Maine

    "The wine list is well-chosen and diverse without being stupid expensive, and the food is fantastic. We enjoyed heirloom radishes with butter and coarse salt, the cheese and charcuterie board, and a cucumber and green tomato salad." — Yelper JJ M.

    "The stuffed pepper dews, the warm olives, the pate, the beef, the crab, and the wine list. A little surprise for your palette tucked away in Rockland." — Yelper Sarah M.

    20. Vin 909, Annapolis, Maryland

    "Try the Matane Primitivo wine with the Margherita pizza. To die for!" — Yelper Kari D.

    "The warm pulled mozzarella with heirloom tomatoes is a show stopper! And the pizzas are ALL great, but the Spotted Pig with its wild boar meatballs is fantastic, and the Autumn Harvest is delicious, too." — Yelper Mike C.

    21. C Salt Wine Bar & Grille, Falmouth, Massachusetts

    "Terrific setting. It's a small place with about eight tables, and very attentive service. There's fresh seafood caught directly from the Cape (striped bass tasted great), and their ribeye is also terrific." — Yelper M.J J.

    "Delicious cocktails, great wine list, and perfect oysters. The lemon merengue dessert is far and away my favorite." — Yelper Elizabeth D.

    22. Prost Wine Bar & Charcuterie, Frankenmuth, Michigan

    "On Thursdays they offer 1/2 off tap wine, which is a huge plus. It also comes out of the tap at the correct serving temperature, which is cool." — Yelper Joe M.

    "In addition to a satisfying menu, the ambiance is equally perfect. The outdoor seating is really charming, with heaters and fire pits and festive lights." — Yelper Alexandra K.

    23. Gyst Fermentation Bar, Minneapolis, Minnesota

    "Without being at all pretentious, they serve sophisticated wine, unusual twists on familiar food, and deliver prompt but casual friendly service. I'd expect to find a place like Gyst in a nice Manhattan neighborhood. In Minneapolis, it's a bigger gem." — Yelper Kesha M.

    24. Corks & Cleaver Wine Bistro, Gulfport, Mississippi

    "Awesome patio and great dinning room. If you go, you must get the stuffed mushrooms and calamari! Great wine list with many affordable options but great wine." — Yelper Dustin O.

    25. Bella Vino, St. Charles, Missouri

    "Great little place, and they have half off on wines by the glass until 6:00 during the week!" — Yelper Bar C.

    "Went for a date night and was not disappointed. We sat outside on the patio and enjoyed the fire. We had a bottle of Malbec, Bella fondue, chicken parm (homemade noodles!), Italian nachos, and gooey butter cake for dessert. It was all amazing, and my husband was practically licking his plate." — Yelper Megan B.

    26. The Hawthorn, Helena, Montana

    "Hawthorne features a eclectic selection of wines not only from California and Oregon, but from around the world. The flight selections are creative and whimsical. The service is friendly, knowledgeable and unpretentious." — Yelper Patricia P.

    "They allow you to taste several wines before you order, even for just a glass order, which is nice when you're exploring unfamiliar wines." — Yelper Kirk M.

    27. Lot 2 Restaurant Wine Bar, Omaha, Nebraska

    "Wine specials on Monday are great — 25% off $51 or more, and 50% off $50 or less." — Yelper Tom S.

    "Extensive wine list, as well as plenty of unique liquors. My husband was especially pleased they had calvados." — Yelper Sara P.

    28. We Olive & Wine Bar, Reno, Nevada

    "It's cool that you can sample the olive oils and vinegars with little pieces of bread. I enjoyed a glass of Merlot while I sampled, then read my magazine. The place is boutique meets olive oil shop meets wine bar. They even have small plates." — Yelper Jenny B.

    "I am helplessly, hopelessly addicted to the flatbread with brussels sprouts, the stuffed peppadew with goat cheese and salami, and the Truvee chardonnay." — Yelper Tanya M.

    29. MT's Local Kitchen & Wine Bar, Nashua, New Hampshire

    "I definitely suggest a wine flight where you get three two-oz. pours of wine of your choosing. My flight was $11, but the prices vary depending on the wines you select." — Yelper Ryan A.

    "The food is excellent, and so creative. Recommendations: the calamari, which was different but fabulous, Caesar salad with truffle oil, goat cheesecake, tournedos, and steak." — Yelper Kathryn D.

    30. Third & Vine, Jersey City, New Jersey

    "If you're a cheese and wine lover, this is the place to go. I recommend the American grilled cheese, meatballs, pork, mac and cheese, the cheese plates, and the maple bacon cheesecake." — Yelper Joanna G.

    31. Terracotta Wine Bistro, Santa Fe, New Mexico

    "The wine list is extensive and their 'before six' offer is quite generous. Any label on the wine list priced $11 or under is a flat $6 before 6 pm." — Yelper Ricky Y.

    "We really enjoyed the picnic appetizer, the flank steak and the bbq ribs, but the strawberry shortcake dessert was probably the best item." — Yelper Alex D.

    32. Pocket Bar, New York, New York

    "Warm lighting, cozy ambiance, teddy grahams in lieu of salted peanuts, and fab and friendly bartenders. Highly recommended for a small intimate group of friends or as a date spot." — Yelper Elizabeth Z.

    33. The Wine Feed, Raleigh, North Carolina

    "For $10, we had four types of cheese and a small container of olives. The portions for the cheese were huge, and we definitely thought that $10 was an appropriate price. The wines are also very reasonable, and they offer you small pours before you settle on a glass you'd like to enjoy." — Yelper Sloan S.

    "The Wine Feed also offers classes to educate and enjoy the experience of wine. We have taken two classes and enjoyed each one (wine & cheese, and cabernet). It's not the type of class that you feel you need to 'know' anything beforehand, and they welcome questions of all kinds."— Yelper Monica W.

    34. Luna Fargo, Fargo, North Dakota

    "Amazing meat and cheese selection. Great service, with hearty samples and helpful recommendations. We went in to buy an assortment of meat, cheese, and bread to bring home, and did not leave disappointed." — Yelper Megan P.

    "For desert we had the milk & cookies — a chocolate chip cookie bowl filled with a milk-like sorbet sort of concoction. Hard to explain, but easy to eat!" — Yelper Ryan L.

    35. Market Avenue Wine Bar, Cleveland, Ohio

    "Don't you dare forget to try their mulled red. On a chilly day, this steamy, spicy treat will not weigh you down with sweetness, but will warm you from the inside out." — Yelper Cara L.

    "The brie came on cutting board with an array of beautifully sliced fruits and two small loaves of warm bread. The bread was more than enough, and the portion was perfect for two." — Yelper L. N.

    36. Vintage 1740, Tulsa, Oklahoma

    "This place is really nice, but not intimidatingly nice. You can dress up or down and still feel like a zillion bucks. The servers are all so kind and really love the wine and want you to love the glass you order, too." — Yelper Sara M.

    37. TeSoAria, Portland, Oregon

    "I LOVE that all of the flights are paired with small plates. And while food isn't their focus, holy crap it's good! I thought I was tired of truffle everything until I had the homemade chips." — Yelper Tracie U.

    "It doesn't matter if it is slow or crazy busy when you come in — the staff immediately puts a wine glass in your hands." — Yelper Mike W.

    38. The Allegheny Wine Mixer, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

    "Most of the menu is wine, but they also have a decent selection of beers and spirits. During our visit, they were featuring wines from Portugal, and you could get two half pours for $8." — Yelper Tina B.

    "We paired a sharp cheese with prosciutto and one of the cheese toasties. The meat and cheese plates come with pickles, mustard, apple, fig spread, and more. Delicious." — Yelper Jamie J.

    39. The Mooring, Newport, Rhode Island

    "This place is a must do on any trip to Newport. The menu is a great mix of exceptional small plates, like bacon-wrapped dates, that accompany cocktails, as well as excellent entrees like pork belly." — Yelper Gary S.

    40. Jack Of Cups Saloon, Folly Beach, South Carolina

    "I can't believe the food and drink that came out of this place. Jack of Cups is a hidden gem that has fantastic sangria and tasty, cheaply-priced food." — Yelper Michael M.

    "Their savory and inventive menu will leave you waking the next morning craving more. Do not miss this place. The owners are as great as the food." — Yelper David S.

    41. The Market, Sioux Falls, South Dakota

    "I had a glass of moscato and the black truffle grilled cheese with tomato soup. It was delicious! I drove away with my hunger and my soul satisfied." — Yelper Savannah B.

    "If you're in Sioux Falls, don't miss The Market! It's the kind of place you can spend an entire afternoon just relaxing and enjoying the company of whoever you're with." — Yelper Bethany W.

    42. Flight Restaurant & Wine Bar, Memphis, Tennessee

    "We each got a few small plates to share, and there wasn't a single bad plate. The ribeye, the roasted duck, the Mediterranean sea bass, the risotto ... literally everything was top notch." — Yelper Marlin M.

    "The food and presentations did not miss a beat. Everyone was satisfied with their meals, which ranged from chicken and waffles with mushroom sauce to lamb porterhouse. That's no small feat in a large group." — Yelper Lorn R.

    43. Santorini Cafe, Austin, Texas

    "This place feels like a coffee shop, wine bar, and restaurant in one. It's intimate and friendly, there's great Greek food, and there's even karaoke on Saturdays." — Yelper Danielle Z.

    "Happy hour lasts from 5 to 8 pm, and features white or red sangria in a very large glass for $2.50, $1 off beer, 20% off all bottles of wine, and 1/2 price glass of wine of the wine opened the day before." — Yelper Ashley S.

    44. The Painted Pony Restaurant, Saint George, Utah

    "Try their carrot and jalapeño soup. The sweetness of the carrot is perfectly offset by a slight touch of heat." — Yelper Roquelle N.

    "Great wine list, and they even allow you to bring your own wine for a corkage fee of $15." — Yelper Alia G.

    45. The North Branch Cafe, Montpelier, Vermont

    "Their food menu is filled with small plates to accompany their tea or wine, so I opted for their lentil soup and spinach pie. It was a light, healthy meal that was still plenty filling." — Yelper Christina L.

    "My husband and I had two-oz samples of wine, then chose glasses based on our preferences. It was so nice to be able to sample the wine first and avoid being disappointed with a glass." — Yelper Christine T.

    46. Fat Canary, Williamsburg, Virginia

    "Insider tip we learned later on from a neighboring table: Buy a bottle of wine from the downstairs wine shop and bring it up with you. They only charge you a $10 corking fee." — Yelper Michael K.

    "I call particular attention to the ginger BBQ pork ribs. The rub, sauce, and preparation are incomparable to any other ribs I've had." — Yelper Dudley D.

    47. Le Caviste, Seattle, Washington

    "It's a French wine bar, so they serve charcuterie plates with things like terrine and saucisson and French butter and cornichons. Heaven." — Yelper Felisa D.

    "The meat and cheese plates are broken up by type of meat — the seafood and cheese plate is so refreshing. The staff is also very educated about their wines and the menu. My girlfriends and I will be back soon!" — Yelper Lisa U.

    48. Sona Creamery And Wine Bar, Washington, D.C.

    "Charcuterie plate was fun! It's worth it to ask for bacon jam on side. The lamb and egg shirring was my favorite; it went so well with the crusty bread. The fries with cheese curds were surprisingly awesome and perfect as appetizer." Yelper — My I.

    "Sona Creamery has a great selection of artisan cheeses and wines. I loved their sparkly red rose — not too sweet and just right." — Yelper Nury G.

    49. The Vintage Room, Morgantown, West Virginia

    "The spinach and arugula salad was one of the best salads I have ever had. It is SO affordable for the quantity and quality." — Yelper Amy B.

    "Service was top notch, and the wine selection is off the hook. Over 200 wines to choose from, as well as a menu that changes every three months." — Yelper Michael L.

    50. Wickman House, Ellison Bay, Wisconsin

    "The chicken is the best dish I've had all year. It's a perfectly roasted piece of chicken over some assorted vegetables. with a glorious sauce that I'm sure has way more butter in it than I care to know about. You're set for an evening in food heaven." — Yelper Kelsey P.

    "The warm olives are delicious, as is the steak, chicken, fish, and fresh-from-their garden veggies." — Yelper James L.

    51. Bin22, Jackson, Wyoming

    "Imagine our surprise when we stopped in to buy a bottle of wine, and discovered a tapas wine bar in the back. Better yet, you can taste a bunch of different wines they have open, or you can buy your bottle of wine at retail price — which they'll open without a corkage fee." — Yelper Matt R.

    "The best dish was the grilled ribeye, which was so flavorful and tender." — Yelper Nadia T.

    Now go, go do your body a favor! Because remember: