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What Can $4 Get You In Street Food Around The World?

Aside from ~pure happiness.~

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In Prague, for instance, you can get this spicy deliciousness for just under $4:

Pamela MacNaughtan / Savoir Faire Abroad

It's klobásy, which is basically European sausage. Yum.

In Brazil, you can get this epic creation with $4:

Flickr: claudia_midori

It's called a cachorro quente, which is a hot dog. But it has WAY more extra fillings than you'd think. You can get potato puree, quail eggs, potato sticks, vinaigrette — and they can also come hot pressed.

The best part? These are just some of the amazing street foods around the world. And now it's time to hear what affordable deliciousness you've eaten, too.

Tell us in the comments below the best street food you've ever eaten for $4 or less, including where you ate it and how much it was!

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