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    17 Photos That Will Inspire You To Get Outside And Go Running

    Sneakers = tour guide.

    People often ask me how I motivate myself to run on the regular, and here's the answer: It's partly because it's a great workout and it clears my mind, but it's mostly because it's my favorite way to explore the world.

    Here are some of my favorite #running captures that will (hopefully) convince you that running really is one of the best ways to get out there and explore.

    1. This beautiful view in Fort Greene Park, Brooklyn:

    2. This epic sunrise over the Lake in Central Park:

    3. And this one, too:

    4. This summery moment in Brooklyn Bridge Park:

    5. And this snowy one in Central Park:

    6. And this fall-y one in Central Park:

    7. This gorgeous sunset around the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis Reservoir in Central Park:

    8. And this pink fluffiness around the reservoir, too:

    9. This watercolor sky in Warren, Rhode Island:

    10. And this cotton candy sky in Montego Bay, Jamaica:

    11. This all-blue everything in Laguna Beach, California:

    12. And this beautiful skyline view in Sydney, Australia:

    13. This pineapple freshness in Maui, Hawaii:

    14. And this fire view in Tamarindo, Costa Rica:

    15. This magical labyrinth in Ivins, Utah:

    16. This barren beach in the Outer Banks, North Carolina:

    17. And this peaceful post-run moment in Stonington, Maine:

    So, inspired to get out there yet?