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Have You Ever Met A Significant Other While Traveling?

Just puttin' the lust in wanderlust.

One of the best parts about traveling is picking up keepsakes from your trip along the way, like jewelry, local booze, or artwork.

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But perhaps the best souvenir of all? Love.

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And not just the one-night stand, secret-sex-in-a-hostel kind of love. We're talking about real, true, actual love β€” the kind that changes your life, and lasts far after the trip is over.

Maybe you met someone while you were camping, because his or her tent just happened to be right next to yours.

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Or perhaps you met while you were both standing in line at a beer garden in Berlin.

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Maybe you met on Tinder, because "Tinder travel" is a thing and swiping on the road is way more exciting than swiping at home.

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(But it wasn't just a Tinder hookup β€” it actually lasted.)

You could have even sat next to each other on the plane β€” hey man, the possibilities are endless!

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So tell us: Have you ever met a significant other on the road?

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We want to hear all of the details β€” from where you were when you met, to the way your relationship unfolded on the road, to how you made it work after vacation was over. Like, did you move across the world to be with your person? Did they move to you? And what's your situation today?

The more details, the better! Email with your story for a chance to be featured in a future BuzzFeed post.

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