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Here's Your Culinary Bucket List Straight From A Travel Pro

This woman makes her living eating her way around the world — so her recommendations are definitely on point.

Meet Jodi Ettenberg, the food and travel blogger behind the blog Legal Nomads: Telling Stories Through Food.

Ettenberg quickly learned that local food is a great window into the culture of a place.

"I didn't always care about food, but when I started traveling, I saw how food deepened my travel experience," she said. "It allowed me to connect to a place in a way no other lens could. It really brings people together."

Although she has celiac disease — meaning she gets sick if she eats gluten — she has still managed to build an entire life around the food and travel combo. Here are the countries she thinks have the best food in the world — plus her two favorite local dishes in each place.

1. Bún riêu cua, Vietnam

2. Bánh cuốn, Vietnam

3. Gai pad pongali, Thailand

4. Sai ua, Thailand

5. Donburi bowls with fresh fish, Japan

6. Buckwheat noodles, Japan

7. Tlayudas, Oaxaca, Mexico

8. Memelas, Oaxaca, Mexico

So, anyone else want to go on a food-venture?

For more food and travel inspiration, follow Jodi Ettenberg on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, and visit her website here.