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What's The Most Mortifying Thing That Happened To You While Studying Abroad?

Horrifying hostel hookups, awkward language barrier issues, and more!

Anyone who has ever studied abroad knows that it is pretty much the best year (or semester) of your entire existence.

You meet tons of amazing new people, learn about a whole new culture, and come to understand your ~place~ in the world better than you ever have before.

But let's be real: Planting yourself in an entirely new setting — one where it's likely legal for you to drink — is also a recipe for embarrassing encounters of all kinds.

Like, perhaps you got so drunk at your hostel in Prague that you threw up all over the floor of your room — that you were sharing with seven other people.

Or maybe you thought you were telling your Spanish host mom that you like tacos, but really, you were actually saying you like "cuss words." Fucking language barriers.

Or perhaps you stepped on a pile of paper in your host family's home in India, without realizing doing so is disrespectful there — and you felt really embarrassed.

So tell us: What's your most mortifying study abroad moment?

Leave your answer in the comments below, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post.