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    • AnneZhi

      You’re acting as if you (Koreans) are the only Asians?! (besides you speak like your family is the only kind of family in Korea. so yea speak for all korea and we think all koreans like you have no sense of humor. pfft.)WTF? You may be familiar with your “culture” but that doesn’t mean your an expert on ASIAN culture. You are being pompous when you’re not knowledgeable yourself. Pot calling kettle black.
      Ipersonally think, what the author meant here is, most asian societies are very close-knit. In some families in the west, you have father, mother, siblings, cousins maybe, but not everyone is close to one another. While here in the east, we have close ties to cousins of 2nd even 3rd degree. (we used to visit each other’s houses as kids to play and see each other regularly till now.) And it’s not about blood relation. In japan for example, if you haveavery good friend you could become sworn-brothers, then even when you’re not blood related, your children will become each others nieces, if one dies, the other may not even find it wierd or out of place to take the orphaned kids in. In some places in Asia, clan villages still exist. Places where 80% of the people share the same surname. Unlike you, they don’t have hardbound books, they have temples with names caved on pillars. THAT is the extent of their genealogy. Now imagine living inatown where everyone is related to you in varying degrees. Do you call someone my-uncle’s-cousin’s-sister-in-law’s-sister, or just aunt?  and even if this isn’t the case, it’s saying that we are warm enough to treat non-blood related people as part of family. we don’t close of ourselves and separate people into family and strangers.

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