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26 Hilarious Things That 2000s Teens Loved

Hi guyz. MWAH.

1. This was a really cool store you went to.

2. These are the shoes that you wore when you wanted to look hot. But also, like, casual, you know?

3. You really wanted these, but you and your mom always got into a fight each time you asked for them.

4. This was what you wore when you wanted to look comfortable but cute.

5. There were also these lil guys.

6. Or, if you were feeling really sassy (LOL), you crimped your hair.

7. You never left your house without lip gloss. ~*~Juicy Tubes 4 lyfe~*~

8. You liked to put eyeliner on the top AND bottom. So hot.

9. The more bronzer, the better.

10. Here are some things you thought were hot.

11. HOT.

12. HOT.

13. HOT.

I need more.

14. HOT.

15. HOT.

16. HOT.

17. HOT.

18. HOT.

19. HOT.

20. HOT.

21. HOT.

22. HOT.

23. HOT.

24. HOT.


26. OK, whatever, that's it.

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