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26 Reasons You Should Definitely Be Checking Your "Other" Messages On Facebook

So many possibilities await!

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1. Your wicca friend awaits!

2. Everyone needs a new conservative friend.

3. Who knows what mistaken missed connections might be waiting.

4. Opportunities for investigative reporting in Chile abound.

5. Don't worry, you can still get on the waitlist.

6. The market for your Tiny Pomeranian breeding business.

7. So THAT'S where you left the schnitzel cake.

8. Endless education opportunities.

9. Everyone needs person admiration.

10. And personal personalized photos.

11. You'll get to think about this sentence all week.

12. More education opportunities, this time about Russia's rottenness.

13. Excellent troll-sparring practice.

14. Your brother might be on there, who knows.

15. Middle aged men trying to find out what a woman wants are in high supply.

16. You've always wanted an e-pal!

17. Spanish practice -- and a sweet offer to do your 2nd period homework if you do her 1st period homework.

18. Perhaps you're in search of BusinessTransaction?

19. You could totally make this girl's dream come true.

20. It's always pleasant to hear about other people's dreams.

21. Context-less emoji? Why not.

22. That guy in the fedora that you gave a made-up number? He's there, waiting for you.

23. You've always wanted to try Kinky Knitting.

24. Dinner ideas.

25. Status updates.

26. Endless self-affirmation.

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