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33 Things Only People Who Went To Small Town High School Will Understand

Let's all go muddin'.

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1. The hottest girl in your high school looked something like this.

2. Photos like these were always in the local newspaper.

3. So were photos and mentions and profiles of all your sports-playing friends.

4. Learning how to ride a four-wheeler was a rite of passage.

5. You knew that everything was better with mud.

6. And have pulled a friend out of that mud.

7. Most of your friends started driving at age 12 or 14, depending on whether or not they lived on a farm.

8. And you've got this skill down pat.

9. You referred to all cars -- even sedans and minivans -- as "rigs."

10. You completed gun safety class in middle school.

11. And weren't weirded out when you went over to a guy's house and saw this in his room.

12. If you're a girl, you were super jealous of the rodeo princesses.

13. You knew what a dualie was.

14. And legit coveted a lifted Dodge Ram.

15. This is all you needed for a fun Saturday night.

16. Someone you knew had a parcel of land known as "deer camp."

17. Senior Photos were a HUGE DEAL.

18. Which most people had taken in their letterman's jacket (or with their rifle or car)

19. You've made out with a high percentage of your senior class.

20. And attended a formal dance with seemingly EVERYONE else.

21. Those formal dances were always held at very unfancy places, like the Elks Lodge, Moose Lodge, Fairgrounds, or your high school gym.

22. Where country music made a regular appearance.

23. And everyone knew how to line dance AND country swing.

24. You were totally fine driving 2-3 hours to go to a mall with Zumiez, Hot Topic, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

25. Because shopping in your hometown looked something like this.

26. You could take "Auto Shop" for three hours every day, if you wanted.

27. You knew what 8-Man Football Was

28. And have experienced the thrill of actual Friday Night Lights.

29. You knew nothing felt better than opening the windows and driving fast on a two-lane highway.

30. And just how quiet it got downtown at night.

31. You couldn't imagine a world where you couldn't see (and make-out) under the stars at night.

32. And even though it sometimes felt like the world around you was just a stream of vast, boring, nothingness....

33. You wouldn't trade that small town high school experience for anything.

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