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    If You're Wondering Why It's Getting Hot In Here, It's Because We Have An Exclusive 15% Off Discount With Dame

    That's right, we have an exclusive promo code for 15% off popular vibrators and more.

    Good news, everyone: We have an exclusive discount with Dame for 15% off your first order when you use promo code BuzzFeed15. And just in case you don't know — they rarely ever have sales, so today's the day to take advantage of this rare deal.

    Let's take a look at some of their offerings you'll want to use this discount on....

    1. A flexible vibrator that's great for both solo and couple play (not to mention multiple positions!) because you're tired of the bulky, standard vibes that just get in the way.

    The vibrator held up closely to the camera

    2. A lipstick vibrator perfect for people with specific pleasure points. It's designed with a flutter tip so you can stimulate the *precise* erogenous zone that'll give you that sweet release and a cupped face for sending vibes to your whole vulva. Sign me up, fam!

    The vibe held by the base and by the tip

    3. A versatile vibe that you can secure through your fingers, because the last thing you want when you're so close to getting *there* is the toy slipping out of your hands and ruining ~the mood~.

    4. A couple's kit – it would make a great gift box for a fellow pleasure seeker, like a friend or a partner. Heck, you can even gift this to yourself! You've worked hard. You *deserve* it.

    The items included in the kit stuffed in a travel pouch

    5. A dual G-spot toy that stimulates both your inner and outer sweet spots, so you can climax in all the different, ~beautiful~ ways.

    The toy held by the base and tip

    Check out their full selection (and remember promo code BuzzFeed15) to get something that'll satisfy *you*!

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