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Type in any name and NameVoyager graphs how popular it has been from 1880 to 2007.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago

Banned Eva Mendes Ad

American television execs are continuing to just say no to nipples on air. Eva Mendes' new ad for Calvin Klein has been banned from U.S. networks.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago

Ludacris Raps For Obama

Ludacris has come out with a freestyle in support of Barack Obama, but the song isn't enjoying a glowing endorsement from the Obama camp.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago

Miley Condoms

LifeStyles Condoms has offered Miley Cyrus 1 million dollars and a lifetime supply of condoms to be their spokesperson.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago

Baseball Brawl

A bench-clearing brawl erupted during a minor league baseball game in Dayton, Ohio last night. One hour, seventeen ejections and one felony assault charge later the game resumed, ending with a 6-5 Dayton win.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago

Political MTV

Last night MTV debuted the first political ad to ever air on the station. The ad attacks Obama, charging that he is "worse than a flip-flopper."

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago

Inappropriate Gossip Girl Ads

Last season the CW pissed off journalists and parents by using racy ads to promote "Gossip Girl." Now the CW is using quotes from those critics in new ads.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago


Rihanna's new music video for "Disturbia." I have no idea what she is singing about, but the girl sure knows how to make a freaky video.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago

Tree Talk

This tree has a message for you.

Anne Hogarty 11 years ago