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Your Basic Guide To The World Of Fanfiction

pls read and review, no flames!! <33

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Fanfiction is a weird and beautiful corner of the Internet that not everyone understands.


There's a lot more of us out there than you might think--and more to our world than just reading porn about our favorite characters. Though that's good, too.

And LiveJournal is just a total clusterfuck.


I STILL don't know how to find shit on this site. Are there tags? Does anyone use them? Do authors even have pages? Wait, I have to be friends with you to read your fic???

'Shipping,' 'OTP,' 'slash,' 'crack,' 'flames,' and 'recs' are common words in the fic vernacular.

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Shipping is when you pair two characters together, usually romantically, and your OTP is your One True Pairing.

Slash = male/male pairings, het = male/female, femslash = female/female.

Gen means no romance.

Crack is a fic with a ridiculous plot line, usually just written for lulz.

Flames are hater comments.

Recs are recommendations of good fic that readers send each other.

But fanfiction has been around for a long time. / Via

This is a photo of William Shattner and Leornard Nimoy in 1967 reading a Star Trek parody comic.

In the 60s, Star Trek's Spock/Kirk shippers were sharing their steamy slash fics by mail via zines. And in the early 1900s, long before the Internet was even an idea in some nerd's mind, fans were already authoring their own versions of Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes stories. (Star Trek and Sherlock are still some of the most popular fandoms on the AO3.)

And there's something kind of amazing about it.


Imagine loving a story so much that you refuse to let it end. And loving characters and a world so much you just want to spend time with them there. Taking stories and characters and making them better. Fulfilling a need to see more people like you represented in media.

Tell us your favorite fanfiction experiences!

And feel free to leave some recs, too.

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