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9 Paul Rudd Characters Who Should Also Be Ant-Man

Ant-Man is a good start, but more Small Rudd please.

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1. Like if Brian Fantana from Anchorman could shrink down this size.

Dreamworks Pictures / Anna Menta

You'd barely even be able to smell his tiny Sex Panther cologne. Maybe this would up his success rate to working every time, 80 percent of the time?

2. And if Mike from Friends had the power to be itty-bitty.

NBC / Anna Menta

Lack of piano wouldn't stand in the way of a true pianist and neither would lack of height. And think how cute mini-Mike would be riding around in Phoebe's pocket!!

4. While Bobby Newport from Parks and Recreation would totally use his ant powers to shrink away from responsibility.

NBC / Anna Menta

"I guess my thoughts on saving the world are, you know, let's all just have a good time!"

7. And David from The 40-Year-Old Virgin would be a way better wingman.

Universal Pictures / Anna Menta

Not that I've ever understood why anyone wouldn't want to have sex with Steve Carrell, but I think having a tiny-sized friend would really help seal the deal.

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