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    21 Times Jake Gyllenhaal Was A Lovable Little Shit

    Jake, please.

    Disclaimer: Jake Gyllenhaal seems like an extremely charming, nice, and talented man. I like him a lot. But sometimes he is a little bit of a shit.

    1. Like the time he was extremely unhelpful about the pronunciation of his name.

    2. That time he miscalculated how much time he had to jaywalk across this street.


    3. And when he got like, waaaay too excited about this snack.


    4. When he failed to converse with both Jay Z and Beyoncé simultaneously.

    Getty Image / AP / Via

    5. Or when he was on the subway, dropped his bagel, then picked it up and kept eating.

    6. When he did literally nothing to prepare for his Man vs. Wild appearance.

    Discovery Channel / Via

    7. And when it turned out Nightcrawler really did not give him a new respect for the paparazzi.

    8. When he was way too honest about his turn-ons.

    Bravo / Via

    9. When he bombed his Lord of the Rings audition so hard that even Peter Jackson facepalmed.

    10. When he, for no apparent reason, used his teeth to change the volume on his headphones.

    Your hand are free, Jake! Why are you doing this!

    11. When he put little to no effort into his sign for the Woman's March on Washington D.C.

    Via Facebook: JakeGyllenhaal

    (Thank you for your solidarity, Jake.)

    12. When he was so enamored by Rihanna, he forgot how to do anything but smile goofily.


    13. When he was in an actual, honest-to-God '90s boyband.

    The Ellen Show

    14. That time he held his dog like a god damn basketball or something.

    15. And basically any time he tried to hold his dog, ever.

    16. When he low-key shaded 34-year-olds.

    17. When he recognized his beard for what it was.

    BBC1 / Via

    18. And when he did not recognize his mustache for what it was.

    I assume he wouldn't have gone out in public if he had.

    19. When he wrote a letter to KFC demanding the return of what sounds like the most disgusting sandwich of all time.

    20. The time he was very determined to be a little shit in his Reddit AMA.

    Reddit / Via

    21. And when he was just super done with silly questions.

    Never change, Jake. Never change.

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