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16 Useful Life Skills "Broad City" Has Taught Us

Abbi and Ilana have so much wisdom to impart.

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1. How to deposit a check.

Comedy Central / Via charlienorwood.tumblr.com

Turns out, you do still have to sign the back of the check.

3. How to respond to a catcaller who tells you to smile.

Comedy Central / Via whatshouldwecallme.tumblr.com

5. How to pick up guys at bars without even talking to them.

Comedy Central / Via mvgl.tumblr.com

In under 10 seconds.

9. How to buy clothes out of your budget.

Comedy Central / Via broadcity.tumblr.com

Gotta love that return policy.

13. How to enjoy foods you're allergic to.

Comedy Central / Via bricesander.tumblr.com

Just bring an EpiPen in your clutch! Der!

16. But most importantly, how to be a best friend.

Comedy Central

You stick up for each other, help each other get laid, and basically just root for each other's success no matter how small that success may be.

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