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    • annasw

      Who cares where Romney is now? We need to be more intune to what is happening where Obama is concerned. Romney can’t do anything to America but4more years of Obama may put us into total slavery with China being our boss. Borrow justafew more T’s and we will be owned byaforeign country due to lack of ability to pay back our loans. Anyone who has ever borrowed and couldn’t pay it back should realize this. ButIforget who I’m talking to. You borrowaton of money you can’t pay back, file bankruptcy, and then go on your jolly little way while the company(s) you borrowed from have to findaway to make up what you stole from them. America has becomeacountry of freeloaders who live off the backs of those who work hard to make something for themselves and their families. We don’t need to keep trying to steal money from the rich. We need to stop the freeloaders from sitting back and collecting money they didn’t earn. Yes, we need to help the disabled and those who have no way of caring for themselves (senior citizens on small fixed incomes, etc.) but we need to stop helping the youth have children and paying them to have more. Put them to work even if it is at minimum wage. Stop paying daycare facilities to raise their children, let them payafamily member to help them. The money would help two ways. The family member would havealittle more income and the working parents would learn to manage money because they couldn’t afford to run outaton of gas, pay large cellphone bills, etc. It worked just fine for years until Government put in their noses. Now the working taxpayers have to foot the bills that the users run up while the users take any money they get and do exactly like the government—spend at breakneck speed and to hell with tomorrow. If they run out of funds, then just take more from the working taxpayers. Whatacountry America is becoming!

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