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22 Times Brooklyn Beckham Killed Your Life On Instagram

Please excuse me while I clean up this pool of drool.

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1. When he oozed casual cool with a skateboard over his head.

2. When he made wood fire pizza and you started picturing the rest of your life with him.

3. When he chilled with Stephen Hawking.

4. When he was having a 'bad hair day' and threw in a sneaky gun show.

5. When he wished his Mum a Happy Mother's Day with this adorable picture.

6. And when he became king of Throwbacks with this dedication to his parents on their anniversary.

7. When he rocked the 'Axl Rose' look.

8. When he and his brothers looked showed you what perfect genes look like.

9. When he and this statue of Paddington Bear made you squeal a little (OK - a lot).

10. When he and his shadow were exactly what dreams are made of.

11. When he got carried by Mumford and Sons.

12. When he was exact clone of his Dad.

13. When he won the award for most supportive older brother.

14. When he proved he could totally be Zayn's replacement in One Direction.

15. When he gave you these sultry eyes and you could literally feel your heart melt.

16. Everything that is happening here.

17. When he took his first driving lesson in this spectacular vehicle, and hat.

18. When he did his own shopping and you started picturing what your kids would look like.

19. When he gave us serious parent envy and went to the Jay-Z & Beyonce concert.

20. When he went blond and looked EXACTLY like David in the 90s.

21. When he reminded us all that his Godfather is ELTON JOHN.

22. And when he looked out at the ocean and it did things to your soul.

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