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    Can You Make It Through These Jake Gyllenhaal GIFs Without Swooning?

    Probably not. In honor of his 34th birthday. NSFW because Nakey Jakey.

    1. The Freckle:

    2. The Smirk:

    3. The Finger Guns:

    4. The "Yes, I'm Aware I Look Amazing With This Hair":

    5. The "Yes, Babe, You're Right":

    6. The Lip-Smacker:

    7. Maybe the sexiest gif of all time:

    8. The Lil' Dance:

    9. The Charmer:

    10. The Rugged Man:

    11. The, "Of Course You Look Amazing In a Suit":

    12. The Second Smirk:

    13. The Singer:

    14. The "I Wish I Was that Donut":

    15. The "Mom, I Will NOT Eat Those Vegetables. I'm An ADULT."

    16. The ~deep thinker~:

    17. Do I need to explain this one?

    18. The Surprise:

    19. And this one. Obviously: