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    27 Reasons Studying Abroad In England Ruins You For Life

    Mostly because it's bloody perfect.

    1. Because British accents make everything sound more beautiful.

    2. Because nowhere else are there two-liter Strongbow bottles.

    3. Because hearing "cheers!" instead of boring old "thank you" is a beautiful sound.

    4. Because there are an insane amount of castles, and you probably won't ever see them all.

    5. Because the name "Poundland" will forever make you giggle, but someday will also make you emotional.

    6. Because once you've had Yorkshire pudding, you'll demand it at every meal for the rest of your life.

    7. Because you'll never live a life so laid back as you did in England.*

    8. Because the rain is surprisingly endearing.

    9. Because you'll forever be confused when you hear the word "football."

    10. Because Nando's is NOT the same anywhere else.

    11. Because you're convinced no other pub you drink at ever will be as historic and cool as the ones in Britain.

    12. Because you lived only a few hours from royalty at any given time.

    13. Because you miss being at places where a Stella Artois cost less than a Bud Light.

    14. Because no grocery store is as perfect as Tesco.

    15. Because there are so many options to sit down just to have tea and scones.

    16. Because you don't have a view like this at your home.

    17. Because the English countryside is like no other.

    18. Because you now compare every big city you visit to London.

    19. Because your train station names aren't nearly as entertaining.

    20. Because the crepes are to be reckoned with.

    Having a crepe in London 😋

    21. Because in England, there's a train to get you pretty much anywhere you want to go.

    22. Because you actually didn't really study all that much.

    23. Because your campus was incredibly beautiful.

    24. Because you're convinced British humor is the best humor.

    25. Because the hot chocolate and coffee from Costa cannot be replicated.

    26. Because you miss seeing words spelled in prettier ways.

    27. And because no other place you live in the world will ever compare.