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19 Struggles All Clumsy People Know Far Too Well

Cover me in bubble wrap, please.

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1. You can't be trusted carrying anything fragile.

MTV / Via

People will search for miles to find help from anyone else. Just to be safe.

2. You'll trip on seriously anything.


A pencil. A feather. Oxygen.

3. You live and breathe awkward.

NBC / Via

You have to be cautious. Every step is a new adventure.

4. Everything you do is a safety hazard.

Because descending the stairs without tripping isn't just something you *do*.

5. You've become impatient with most physical tasks.

I have to do this quickly before I hurt myself.

6. You have to consider a fun night out thoroughly before agreeing to go.


Anything you do could be a liability.

7. Your collection of injuries is impressive.

From breaking fingers and toes to spraining your ankle tripping on flat ground, your portfolio is an A+.

8. Yet you still get surprised when you get hurt.

The CW / Via

You really thought you had it this time.

9. Even worse, people barely believe your injury stories.

NBC / Via

Whatever. You'll never have a cool burn like this from Mac & Cheese.

10. Either way, other peoples' injury stories are child's play to you.

Fox / Via

Pff. Please.

11. You're constantly dropping things.

Marvel Studios / Via

And because you've mastered the art of clumsy, you still look cool dropping anything. Well, kind of.

12. In fact, dropping your phone happens pretty much daily.


You need a case that's actually made of bubble wrap and steel.

13. You're constantly apologizing.

You're always running into things, so it comes naturally. Oh. That's just a wall. Sorry.

14. You always manage to spill on yourself.


Wearing white is a death wish.

15. In fact, you're pretty much guaranteed to ruin some part of every outfit.

Touchstone Pictures / Via

You've been cursed.

16. You're always bumping into things.

Walls, table imagine it, you've gotten a bruise from it.

17. You seem to be clumsiest when you know people are watching.

Cartoon Network / Via


18. Attempting to dance is dangerous.

Big Machine Records, LLC. / Via

So many things could go wrong for you and others.

19. But the best part is, you've learned to own it.

Because you keep people on their toes (even if you can't balance very well on your own).

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