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    17 Amazing Facts You Didn't Know About "Bridesmaids"

    "I'm ready to PAAARRRTTYYYYYYY."

    1. Rebel Wilson and Matt Lucas became roommates in real life.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    In 2012, they told Us Weekly that they were inspired by their roommate roles in Bridesmaids and decided to move in together. While living together, the two received complaints from neighbors for singing Annie showtunes too loudly.

    2. Kristen Wiig and Chris O'Dowd bonded over several rounds of "Would you rather?" while on set.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    In an interview, O'Dowd said there was so much improv necessary for their scenes together that the two decided to play the game. One of the rounds included, "Would you rather have a nipple growing on the end of your nose or a tooth growing out of your cheek?"

    3. The scene where all the ladies meet at the engagement party is mostly improvised.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    Wendi McLendon-Covey, who plays Rita, has said all of the scenes were filmed scripted, but some allowed the ladies to show their improv skills. Kristen Wiig has added that director Paul Feig told them before shooting the scene to "just talk."

    4. Jon Hamm is not listed in the film's credits.

    Apatow Productions

    It was decided that listing his name in the credits might make audiences think it was a more serious film, since Hamm is known more for his dramatic roles.

    5. The film wasn't originally supposed to be about a wedding.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    Wiig has said in earlier stages of the script, there wasn't a wedding in it at all: "We just wanted to write a fun script where our friends would come in and play and write something that had a lot of women in it."

    6. Any Vegas scenes were removed from the film because of The Hangover.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    Producer Judd Apatow said that The Hangover "did Vegas just as well as any film was going to do it", although before the film was even released, critics were calling it "The Hangover for girls."

    7. Chris O'Dowd's character was originally supposed to have an American accent.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    Everyone was so blown away by his native accent that they decided to change that detail just for him. *Swoons*

    8. The engagement party scene was inspired by an actual experience had by co-writer Annie Mumolo.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    Mumolo, who plays the anxiety-filled woman sitting next to Annie during the plane scene, said, "My friend's engagement party was at this beautiful country club. My car had both rearview mirrors duct-taped on. ... I remember sitting there thinking that this was this great divide between where I was headed and where my friend was headed."

    9. Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone are married in real life.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    They got married in 2005, and she says he's "the nicest in the world."

    10. Bridesmaids was Jill Clayburgh's last film.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    The talented actress, who plays Annie's hilarious mom, passed away the year before the film's release, and several of her dirty joke scenes were cut from the film, to better preserve her memory.

    11. Rose Byrne had to learn Thai for her engagement party speech.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    During an improv session for the scene, she pretended to speak Thai, and the producers loved it. When they later found out that she was just making up words, they made her learn the actual phonetics of some Thai words before she included it in the film.

    12. The engagement party scene was filmed at the location used as Wayne Manor in the Batman television series.

    And it was just as majestic in Bridesmaids.

    13. The teenager who gets Annie fired is played by Peter Frampton's daughter.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    The rocker's daughter (now 18 years old) was also in this year's Tammy.

    14. Melissa McCarthy says she based her character on Guy Fieri.

    Ethan Miller / Getty

    You read that right. GUY. FIERI. She said he was the first person she thought of when she saw the script: "I wanted to do the shirt ... Every scene I would have my glasses on the back of my head."

    15. Jon Hamm used to be a high school drama teacher.

    Apatow Productions / Via

    He taught at John Burroughs School in Ladue, Missouri, and Ellie Kemper was one of his students.

    16. The exterior of Ted's house is the same one used to show Kelly Taylor's house in Beverly Hills, 90210.

    Yes, the house where Kristen Wiig gets stuck on the mechanical door.

    17. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo said writing the script took "several years."

    Apatow Productions / Via

    They began writing it in 2006 (the film was released in 2011). Mumolo said they spent most of the time "getting into the heads" of each of the characters, based on experiences they both have had in their lives.

    Apatow Productions / Via
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