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    14 Reasons You Have A Crush On Dandy From "AHS: Freak Show"

    How can someone so terrifying be so...intriguing? A little NSFW because butts.

    1. This.

    FX / Via

    I mean...

    2. He's cute when he gets intense.

    FX / Via

    Look at him, getting ready for action.

    3. He says what you're thinking.

    4. His passion is actually kind of endearing.

    FX / Via

    Even if it is a passion for...less acceptable things.

    5. He's cultured.

    FX / Via

    Well, like, he's spoiled, but he's cultured too.

    6. He's poetic.

    FX / Via

    He's creepy, yet intriguing.

    7. In fact, his choice of wording is usually enticing.

    FX / Via

    8. You already like his butt.

    FX / Via

    How can someone so terrifying look this good?

    9. His smile's not hard on the eyes.

    FX / Via

    Proof that evil can be hidden behind beauty.

    10. He's got a romantic side.

    FX / Via

    He goes absolutely nuts when his romance attempts don't go as planned, but let's not think about that.

    11. He's not afraid to show his emotions.

    FX / Via

    It's a rare trait. Even if he's terrifying.

    12. He really knows how to celebrate.

    FX / Via

    13. He's rebellious.

    FX / Via

    14. And he's actually pretty stylish.

    FX / Via

    Minus the hair. Which actually sometimes still looks adorable.

    Do your thing, Dandy. We'll be admiring from afar. Because you're still scary.

    FX / Via
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