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How I've Navigated Sex And Consent As A Hard-Of-Hearing Person

Being hard of hearing means that I miss some things in bed. But sometimes our supposed limitations can give us our most creative advantages.

Anna Pulley • One year ago

7 Lesbian Sex Haikus (With Cats!)

If you've ever wondered what lesbian sex is like, these haikus are for you.

Anna Pulley • 3 years ago

How To Flirt With Queer Girls Without Making A Total Fool Of Yourself

Are you consumed with anxiety at the thought of approaching cute ladies? Never fear — here's a handy how-to.

Anna Pulley • 3 years ago

Why Won't "Orange Is The New Black" Acknowledge That Bisexuals Exist?

You can’t spell "invisibility" without "bi."

Anna Pulley • 4 years ago

16 Books That Will Get You Laid

Is that a book in your pocket, or are you just happy to see us?

Anna Pulley • 5 years ago